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Hello and welcome to

Tom Jones Massage Therapies.

Welcome to my site. Thanks for dropping by – come in, sit, take off your shoes and relax. Can I get you some tea? Now tell me –

how can I help…



Tom JonesMy goal as a therapist is, quite simply, for you to leave feeling better than when you arrived.


More relaxed. Less pain.


A spring in your step and a smile on your face.


As well as treating the presenting symptom (usually pain, tension, discomfort), my aim is to identify the root cause of dysfunction to reduce the likelihood of its recurrence and to restore correct function.


To restore, maintain, and enhance health.


And stretch, I always get you to stretch.


My clients come to see me for many different reasons. Some are tired and stressed and just want to switch off their mind and body, to leave the rest of the world outside and just relax. Others work hard at the gym or playing sport, and require Deep Tissue and Sports massage to refresh and rejuvenate tired, aching muscles. Others require Remedial Massage to treat and manage acute pain caused by a sports injury, or chronic pain like a sore lower back that just doesn’t seem to resolve. In the longer term, Remedial Massage can also help prevent new injuries, and speed up the rehabilitation process for existing injuries. I’ve listed below some of the more common complaints I see. You might recognise one or two of them in yourself:

Head and Neck: One of the most common complaints of clients is simply a sore, stiff neck. Usually the result of being a ‘desk warrior’, the static desk-bound posture puts extra stress on the structures across the back of the neck and shoulders commonly causing headaches.

Lower back/Hips: Along with a stiff neck, a sore lower back is the bane of the desk warrior. Testing for strength imbalances, weaknesses and twisting of the hips can isolate which specific muscles need treatment to resolve your Lower Back Pain. Sciatic Nerve Pain, and Vertebral Disc issues can also be managed through Remedial Massage.

Shoulders: Probably the most complex of the major joints. Injuries are often the result of poor biomechanics, and rotator cuff weakness and/or overuse. Nerve impingements (resulting in ‘pins and needles’ running down the arm) can be common also. Treatment of the shoulder often involves a detailed assessment and testing of several muscles/structures to ascertain the specific cause of the problem.

Swedish (Relaxation) and Deep Tissue massage techniques are also used during treatments to prepare the body for Remedial work, or can be employed as a stand-alone treatment for those just wanting to switch off and relax.


And if you’re not sure whether I can help with your specific issue, just get in touch for a chat.


I provide treatments to suit every need, situation and budget, from a localised Remedial treatment for a specific complaint, to a full body Deep Tissue massage or a luxurious head-to-toe Relaxation Massage. Health Insurance Rebates are available with appropriate cover.

I’m in the studio at these times, but I try to be as flexible as possible so if you’re in a bind don’t hesitate to ask.

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No events available!

Gift vouchers are available for all treatments, or to a specific dollar amount. Simply get in touch via phone or email. We can either post it to you, to the recipient, or keep it in the studio until you need it.


Order an EGift Card by clicking here.


Cancellation Policy – I do try to keep as flexible as possible regarding cancellations, however if you need to cancel in the 24 hours prior to your booking 50% of the treatment cost may be charged.

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Tom Jones



ph: 0422373556



e: tom@tjmt.com.au




Level 1, 281 Smith Street,
Fitzroy, VIC 3065